Begin with basic exercise like biceps, for example. Make two warm ups per 10 reps. Increase weight so much that you can not make more than 8 repetitions. Then reduce by 10% weight in the second set and make 6-8 reps. In the third working series, reduce the load by an additional 10% and make between 6-8 repetitions.

The next exercise would be insulating, such as concentrating lip. The first batch is to be loaded with more than 6-8 repetitions. In the second series, reduce the load by 10% and make 6-8 repetitions. With the third series, reduce the load by an additional 10% and make the maximum number of repetitions.

Training ends with exercise that targets the muscle group, but in a slightly different way. Hammer bend which is more focused on brachialis and brachioradialis. Make three heavy series, 6-8 repetitions – and your biceps are over.

Exercise Name Series Repeats

1. Biceps with 2 * + 3 10 *, 10 *, 8.6-8.6-8

2. Concentration margin 3 6-8

3. Hammer 3 6-8

* – two heating series

The rest period after each series is 45-60 seconds.

With a short break between the series we raise the intensity of the training. As a rule, you should rest until we reach the breath that would be roughly about 45 seconds for less muscle groups and up to two minutes for larger muscle groups such as legs.