What you have to say is that the width of your shoulders is dictated by your bone structure; Or you have it or not. However, even if your genes are not inclined, you can reach wide shoulders. Larry Scott, the first Mr. Olympia, had a relatively narrow shoulder, but developed massive deltoids to overpower his genes.

Shawn Ray is not so wide, but you can not know about the thickness of the upper body muscle that is the result of training, especially during the day for the shoulders. And so all of you whose shoulders are considered a weak point or all of you who want change, shock your deltoids.

Here are some ways you can enter into your training and applying them to boost your shoulders to growth.

Work more batches and shoulder exercises, as many as 20 batches per training

Arnold went so far that he had a light weight under his bed and would make a few lateral lifting series in the morning. It has never considered it part of the shoulder training, but only as a supplement.

Focus on middle deltoids

We call them even the lateral deltoids and the key is wide-spread because when they grow, they grow in width and the waist remains the same width. The thrust above the head and the lateral lifting exercises are as created for the development of these muscles.

When doing lateral lifting, rotate your palms so that your little fingers are slightly larger than your thumb

Imagine keeping your bottle in your hand from which you spill water. This will isolate lateral deltoids for full contraction.

Try the strip method

For example, start with heavy weights, make the maximum number of repetitions in proper shape, then work the series one at a time without rest, each time reducing weight (eg starting at 20 kg, gradually lowering the weight by 2 kg all Until you reach 10 kg). If you are exercising on a device or cables, move the needle on the weighing stand. Work 3-4 batches and go to another exercise.

Superscript thrusts and lifting

For example, you are doing a difficult push with a barbell and right after that lateral lift or vertical paddle exercise. Or try three pumping series where you work a super series of thrusts, front or side lifting and vertical paddling.

Work the isometric lateral lift to encourage new growth

After the standard lifting series, take the harder dumbbells, raise them to the position where they are parallel to the podium holding them as long as you can. This will exhaust the deltoids and achieve a better definition.

And that’s it for you. You have a broad shoulder plan, and now you use it.