We are witnessing that most have problems with the development of the upper chest. Try this approach and develop that part.

Most of us who train regularly on the chest have no problems with the development of the middle and lower part of the pectoral muscle. But the upper pectoral muscles are a completely different matter and most commonly a weak point. To strengthen them, you have to work on a thigh bench, a dumbbell and a flywheel.

Have you ever tried a straight bench to change the grip and work in reverse gear?

Canadian researchers have investigated the activity of upper and middle chest muscles, triceps and biceps with plain and reversed clamping on the bench press. They used surface electromyography to detect the most active muscle fibers, while 12 males performed the bench press with both plain and reverse. In reverse swelling he was wider than shoulder width, and the activity of pectoral muscles increased by more than 27% compared to the activity of the muscle at the ordinary bench press.

If you do not have access to a slim bench or you want a new way to build the mass of the upper pectoral muscles, try the bench press with a reversed clasp with arms spaced above the shoulder width. Make 3 to 4 series with 6-10 reps as the first or second exercise in your routine.